Development milestones and features
We update TzGo whenever new Tezos protocol amendments are proposed and it becomes likely that they will be accepted. More exotic features are added on-demand, e.g. TzGo does not fully support Sapling and Lazy Storage updates yet, but we will add these features when their usage becomes more widespread.
TzGo used to be read-only until v0.11.x, i.e. you could use it to access Tezos on-chain data, but you could not send transactions. Starting with v1.11 we have added low-level transaction serialization, signing and broadcast support which have become stable in v1.12.
Future releases we will extend TzGo's convenience and ensure support for new Tezos protocols.

M1 – Read-only access (2021)

  • Tezos
    • Address type
    • Hash magics and types
    • Operation types
    • Chain configuration params
    • Baker rights and voting types
    • Signature types
  • RPC
    • read blocks and operations
    • read account and baker info
    • read smart contract state
  • Micheline
    • read and write primitives and opcodes
    • read and write scripts (code, parameters, storage)
    • extract, read and write entrypoints
    • read bigmap diffs, keys and values
    • translate primitive trees to human readable values and typedefs
    • detect contract features and standard interfaces
    • support Hangzhou global constants and views
    • support tickets
    • support sapling data (partial support only)
    • support lazy_storage_diff

M2 – Transaction sending (Q1'2022)

  • Codec
    • serialize operation types
    • serialize block header
  • Tezos
    • private and public keys
    • key generation
    • encrypted keys
    • message digest and message signature
    • faucet import
    • mnemonic import and export
  • RPC
    • simulate operations and calculate costs
    • validate (remote forge) operations
    • broadcast operations
    • monitor confirmations
    • auto-complete reveal and limits
    • mempool monitor
    • POST requests for sending operations
    • BlockID interface (level, hash, alias, offset)
    • multi-provider queries
    • monitor account updates
    • enhanced monitor (reorgs, pause)
  • Signer
    • message/operation/block signing
    • local key import
    • remote signer protocols
    • USB signers (ledger, yubikey)
  • Contract
    • contract deployment (origination)
    • contract calls and batch calls
    • run_code for executing off-chain views
    • TZIP-5/7 (FA1.2) support
    • TZIP-12 (FA2) support
    • TZIP-16
    • run_view for on-chain views